• Little Ricotta Doughnuts

    Ricotta Doughnuts Recipe I bloody love a doughnut. This could stem from a childhood spent eating the hot ones, freshly fried, from the end of Eastbourne Pier, or could just be because I’m a bit of a pig. What’s not to like about hot, fried dough, sprinkled in sugar? Well, the what’s not to like… [Continue Reading]

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    Little Ricotta Doughnuts
  • Roast Butternut and Taleggio Risotto

    Roast Butternut and Taleggio Risotto Recipe Risotto is the ultimate comfort food. It was one of the first dishes I used to make when Clyde and I moved in together 100 years ago. His favourite variety involved the addition of quite a good deal of sausages, that least traditional of Italian ingredients. In a move… [Continue Reading]

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    Roast Butternut and Taleggio Risotto
  • A bit of Winter Sun

    Winter Sun Cocktail Recipe Good Lord it’s been a long week. The first one back after Christmas always is after two weeks of doing nothing but eating and drinking. I was ready to go back to normality, for my livers sake if nothing else, but now, I am desperate for the weekend. I haven’t had… [Continue Reading]

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    A bit of Winter Sun