• Leek, Sweet Potato and Watercress Soup

    Leek, Sweet Potato and Watercress soup recipe More soup, I hear you cry, and yes, it is more soup. It’s bloody freezing today, more like November than an April spring day. I’m cold and broke, so soup really is the answer and my Leek, Sweet Potato and Watercress tastes sweet, comforting and will definitely warm… [Continue Reading]

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    Leek, Sweet Potato and Watercress Soup
  • Mini Egg Blondies

    Mini Egg Blondies recipe Well this is optimistic, but if you have any spare Mini Eggs in your house, this recipe is just for you. They get devoured in our house, unless hidden, but they make such a crunchy, chocolatey addition to my Mini Egg Blondies, you will be raiding the childrens Easter egg collection… [Continue Reading]

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    Mini Egg Blondies
  • Lemon Curd Gimlet

    Lemon Curd Gimlet recipe It’s not often I post a new Friday cocktail these days. Time and inspiration often eludes me, but when I spotted this Lemon Curd Gimlet on the Craft Gin Club website, my appetite for a new cocktail was back in the room. This Easter, with some grotty weather looming on the… [Continue Reading]

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    Lemon Curd Gimlet