• Stilton and Pecan Shortbread

    Stilton and Pecan Shortbread recipe Well, the fun part’s over and now all that’s left of Christmas is the leftovers, and a lot of pine needles. And far too much chocolate. We have enough cheese to keep us going until next Christmas and instead of freezing all of it, I decided to make a batch… [Continue Reading]

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    Stilton and Pecan Shortbread
  • Christmas Turkey Congee

    Christmas Turkey Congee recipe As is standard over Christmas week, I have spent a vast amount of time in either my, or my sisters kitchen. Forking up cranberry sauce, bread sauce, gravy, mince pies, paté, the list is endless, so I’ve had enough of cooking for a while. That said, those leftovers won’t get rid… [Continue Reading]

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    Christmas Turkey Congee
  • Christmas Morning Smoothie

    Christmas Morning Smoothie recipe The big day’s so nearly here and I’m still not feeling desperately festive. That said, I am a little hungover as we speak, and still have 101 things to do, so I’m sure the goodwill to all men/women will start soon. To get yourself into the spirit of things, I would… [Continue Reading]

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    Christmas Morning Smoothie