• Brown Sugar Apple Shortbread

    Brown Sugar Apple Shortbread recipe Well, it’s been quite the week. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, after a long and magnificent life, has died and I’ll admit, I’ve been feeling quite teary. She’s been a constant in my life, as she has in so many lives, so her loss has left me feeling a little discombobulated.… [Continue Reading]

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    Brown Sugar Apple Shortbread
  • Pink Gin and Ginger

    Pink Gin and Ginger recipe It’s ages since I’ve shared a new cocktail recipe because a) I’ve been on holiday b) work’s bloody manic and c)I’ve been spending far too much time drinking cocktails rather than writing about them. To ease us back into the Friday cocktail ways, here’s a refreshingly simple Pink Gin and… [Continue Reading]

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    Pink Gin and Ginger
  • Plum, Cherry and Almond Crumble

    Plum, Cherry and Almond Crumble recipe After a hot and steamy summer and two weeks in the sunshine, I am, and remind me of this when my gas bill’s £1000 in November, quite keen to get a polo neck and my boots back on. The mornings are feeling a touch on the chilly side, which… [Continue Reading]

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    Plum, Cherry and Almond Crumble