• Stovetop Rice Pudding

    Stovetop Rice Pudding recipe Stovetop Rice Pudding is right up there with all golden syrup based desserts for being the reason I will never be underweight. I absolutely love a large bowl of rice pud and jam, but I can just never bear the oven based 2 hour wait for it to be ready. Now… [Continue Reading]

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    Stovetop Rice Pudding
  • Katsu Chicken Salad Bowl

    Katsu Chicken Salad Bowl recipe Lockdown’s not been kind to my figure. Meals are the highlight of my day along with misery baking and eating the same portion sizes as 3 hungry men, has left me feeling a little tubby, to put it mildly. All that plus my total lack of self control when it… [Continue Reading]

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    Katsu Chicken Salad Bowl
  • An Apple Margarita

    Apple Margarita recipe I am, as you would imagine writing a Friday cocktail most weeks, not a huge fan of soft drinks. On those rare occasions when I am the driver/trying not to imbibe, I am much more of a fizzy water than a soft drink kind of girl. One softie I am partial to,… [Continue Reading]

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    An Apple Margarita