• Spreads Cookies

    Spreads Cookies recipe Food is disappearing in our house at an alarming rate at the moment. As fast as I can buy/make/bake it it’s eaten. I’d love to just blame the 3 hungry men in our house, but I’m to blame here too. I have a voracious appetite and a crisp and Fry’s Turkish Delight… [Continue Reading]

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    Spreads Cookies
  • Korean Fried Cauliflower

    Korean Fried Cauliflower recipe We’re big lovers of anything fried. You could batter an old flip flop and we’d eat it. Fried chicken, calamari, chips, they all feel like a treat because for me, deep frying always seems like a bit of a drama plus they have unhealthy connotations. Korean Fried Cauliflower, however, can’t possibly… [Continue Reading]

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    Korean Fried Cauliflower
  • Tequila Hot Chocolate

    Tequila Hot Chocolate recipe As a special little Christmas present to myself I bought a bottle of Patron XO Cafe. Given the slightly shit nature of the festivities I decided I needed a little lift and frankly, it made my Christmas. The tequila based coffee liqueur featured heavily as my shot of choice, but now,… [Continue Reading]

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    Tequila Hot Chocolate