• One Bowl Banana Maple Pudding

    One Bowl Banana Maple Pudding recipe My quest to find yet more uses for browning bananas continues; there’s only so many smoothies or muffins one person can eat. If you’re anything like me and can’t bear a banana the minute it loses it’s hint of green, then this One Bowl Banana Maple Pudding is for… [Continue Reading]

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    One Bowl Banana Maple Pudding
  • Truffle Marmite Pasta

    Truffle Marmite Pasta recipe When I saw a recent tweet about Marmite’s new truffle variety, apart from thinking it was an April Fool, I literally started salivating. A beyond kind friend of mine then went to Sainsbury’s, the only supermarket selling this delicacy, and bought me a jar; and oh dear Lord, it did not… [Continue Reading]

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    Truffle Marmite Pasta
  • A Salty Dog Cocktail

    Salty Dog Cocktail recipe I am late to the grapefruit and the salty rim party. I used not to love grapefruit; it was far too bitter for my childish taste, but now I’ll mix pink grapefruit juice with bloody anything. The salt based rim avoidance was more laziness, but it’s so essential in this Salty… [Continue Reading]

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    A Salty Dog Cocktail