• Picante Margarita

    Picante Margarita recipe I feel a bit out of practice writing a new cocktail post as it’s been a while since I’ve posted a new one. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been drinking, quite the opposite. We’ve been seeing friends in their gardens and in our garden since we were allowed and quite a bit… [Continue Reading]

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    Picante Margarita
  • Coconut Jam Slice

    Coconut Jam Slice recipe I love an old school bake as much as the next person and when a friend recently bought a batch of Coconut Jam Slice to a birthday drinks I fell right back in love. Old school it may be, but there is nothing unfashionable about this bake. It’s got a coconut… [Continue Reading]

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    Coconut Jam Slice
  • Full English Mac and Cheese

    Full English Mac and Cheese recipe Mac and Cheese is my go to supper dish. We eat a variation of it once a week without fail and it’s the ultimate family dish. Now we’re allowed to entertain again, I’m struggling to get back into the swing of making dinner party food. So I’m not. I… [Continue Reading]

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    Full English Mac and Cheese