• The Med Cocktail

    The Med Cocktail Recipe I have spent most of this week doing that awful ‘this time last week’ thing. Being back after a two week holiday takes some getting used to; a) my poor rosé soaked body has gone into shock and b) the lack of fried cheese has made me miserable. But luckily, I… [Continue Reading]

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    The Med Cocktail
  • Tahini Brownies

    Tahini Brownies Recipe Tonight, I am using Lucy Loves as a form of distraction from real life. That and the 2 glasses of rosé I have already sunk. Yes, it’s GCSE results day tomorrow. I love George; he’s tall, he’s handsome and he’s charming. But, in my mind, he did the bare minimum amount of… [Continue Reading]

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    Tahini Brownies
  • A Pastitsio for the Whole of Greece

    Pastitsio Recipe I’m back. Did you miss me? It’s only been a couple of weeks but I’ve had my feet in the pool and my face in the sun and it’s been bloody lovely. I have been spending time researching whilst in Greece, and by researching I mean eating fried cheese and drinking litres of… [Continue Reading]

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    A Pastitsio for the Whole of Greece