• A long awaited Caipirinha

    Caipirinha recipe I have posted so many cocktails on Lucy Loves now, I quite often have to check back to see if I’ve posted my chosen drink before. I genuinely thought I’d posted a Caipirinha years ago, but no; Lucy Loves has been a Caipirinha free zone for all these year. But fear not, this… [Continue Reading]

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    A long awaited Caipirinha
  • One Pot Chicken with Orzo and Parmesan

    One Pot Chicken with Orzo and Parmesan recipe Some weeks I’m very organised and know what we’re eating, what I’m cooking for the blog and what everyone’s meant to be doing in a really quite impressive way. And some weeks I don’t. This lack of organisation led me to create this One Pot Chicken with… [Continue Reading]

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    One Pot Chicken with Orzo and Parmesan
  • Raspberry and Coconut Balls

    Raspberry and Coconut Balls recipe September’s giving me all the back to school feels. Even though life’s still not back to normal, I feel as though I need to get back on track and have a bit of a fresh start. I’ve started the Couch to 5k running programme and have been trying to avoid… [Continue Reading]

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    Raspberry and Coconut Balls