• Caramel Coffee Blondies

    Caramel Coffee Blondies recipe I’ve have had a run of making coffee cakes recently; it’s everyone’s favourite birthday cake, from my nephews to work colleagues, caffeine based bakes are the flavour of the month. So I thought I’d stick with a theme and fashion a Caramel Coffee Blondie which is a) far less of a… [Continue Reading]

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    Caramel Coffee Blondies
  • Savoury Picnic Loaf

    Savoury Picnic Loaf recipe Life has been getting in the way of blogging at the moment. Strangely, pre Covid I used to juggle far more efficiently than I do now. But with a whiff of sunshine comes enthusiasm for outdoor eating opportunities and this Savoury Picnic Loaf has been on my to do list for… [Continue Reading]

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    Savoury Picnic Loaf
  • Brooklyn Blackout Cake

    Brooklyn Blackout Cake recipe We’ve got a busy few weeks ahead of entertaining. Part of me loves it, but part of me would love to just lie on the sofa all weekend watching crap telly. What I do love doing is lying in bed at night menu planning and this Brooklyn Blackout Cake keeps popping… [Continue Reading]

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    Brooklyn Blackout Cake