• Marzipan Amaretto Brioche Pudding

    Marzipan Amaretto Brioche Pudding recipe Hooray, Christmas is coming and the only reason, well one of the only reasons, I’m excited is I can legitimately eat/put large amounts of marzipan in almost everything I make. I pretty much do this all year round, but eating big lumps of marzipan just seems more acceptable in December.… [Continue Reading]

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    Marzipan Amaretto Brioche Pudding
  • Winter Aperol Spritz

    Winter Aperol Spritz recipe My lovely friend introduced me to an Aperol Spritz years ago and I’ve loved them ever since. They’re the ultimate holiday drink and even Clyde succumbed to loving a spritz with a plate of crispy courgettes in Crete. This Winter Aperol Spritz will keep the aperitivo love going well in the… [Continue Reading]

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    Winter Aperol Spritz
  • Golden Syrup Granola

    Golden Syrup Granola recipe Everytime I make homemade granola it lasts about 5 minutes in our house. The boys inhale it with cold milk/straight from the jar, while Clyde ladles it onto Greek yoghurt in more of a dessert situation. I don’t need to tempt my family to eat breakfast, but if you do, my… [Continue Reading]

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    Golden Syrup Granola